Maharam Suite

Maharam is a leading premium textiles company, whose commitment to great design is practiced both externally, in the products it produces, and internally. Maharam believes their staff should have access to the same level of design as their clients.

Maharam’s original app was launched in 2012. At the time it was a unique tool that set Maharam apart. By 2016, due to changes at the company and the evolution of the iOS platform the app was in need of an update.

The result is a set of apps informed by user feedback and optimized for the core responsibilities of Maharam’s sales team. Dashboards and visual representations provide users with access to data that is easy to interpret so they can better meet the needs of their clients. In addition to updating the app’s UX to better match current best practices, the suite is built in a flexible and sustainable fashion that will allow it to keep pace as company strategy evolves.

I was the Producer on this project, managing Potion’s design and development team while also working closely with Maharam’s internal technical team to integrate the apps with their in-house systems and data sets.

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