Tenement Museum: Under One Roof


Following the Tenement Museum’s tradition of bringing the story of immigration to life through the lens of real people, Under One Roof describes the experiences of three families who lived and worked in New York’s Lower East Side.

Walking through apartments restored by the Museum’s team, visitors step into the homes of the Epstein, Saez-Velez, and Wong families. Along the way visitors learn about each family’s experiences as newcomers to the United States and their involvement in New York’s once booming garment industry.

Taking a cue from the Tenement Museum’s place-based approach to storytelling, Potion created an experience where regular people, and the objects that populate their lives, help to illuminate larger trends in immigration and industry in New York and beyond.



I served as a Producer on this project, managing Potion’s design and development team as well as fabricators and physical computing vendors who helped us turn sewing machines, a television, a pay phone, and even a Ghostbusters car into storytelling objects. At a visitor’s touch, each object comes to life, playing a piece of digital content.




Tenement Museum Recreates the Lives of 3 Immigrant Families in NYC Exhibition “Under One Roof”

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