National Constitution Center: Interactive Constitution

For the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment, the National Constitution Center wanted to launch an exhibit on the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. Most of us learned pieces from these amendments in school, the history behind these texts, the decisions that shaped them, and what they have meant in practice are far less familiar. By surfacing the stories and battles behind these documents, we sought to demonstrate that a brief text can contain a deep history that still shapes how we live our lives.

The interactives begin with the final text of each amendment which is physically printed on a drafting table so users can feel the individual words that make up each amendment. As users touch the physical text, the table activates projections that draw out the themes and rights contained in the selected clause. The interactives also include timelines of the events that influenced the framers in the run up to ratification as well as previous drafts of the amendment text. In reviewing each draft, visitors can see how the text evolved over time and learn why even the smallest word choice was so contentious and influential.

I was the Producer and Content Strategist on this project, helping the Constitution Center to structure the material shown in the interactive so that it would be easily digestible for audiences who are unfamiliar with the amendments and their history.

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